Devi’s Mambo: Farewell homage to Manu Dibango

An artist, particularly of the repute of international Saxophonist Manu Dibango, never dies. Emmanuel N'Djoké (real name) may have quit the music stage physically on 24 March 2020 following an illness, but his works would live on forever. One of those who recently contributed to immortalize the fallen Soul makossa icon is Devi’s Mambo, a singer. “Hommage à Manu Dibango” is a Single he released on 1st May 2020 after Manu’s demise.

In “Ala na musango” (meaning “rest in peace”) plus an instrumental piece, “Le Paquebot” (singer’s nickname) bids farewell to the hero saying “…the whole world is mourning. Until we meet again, rest in peace Papa Manu.” “Manu Dibango visited me twice in my dream and requested that I should do something good for him. I used a music from his rich repertoire and added my tribute to it. Public feedback on the song was impressive as soon as it hit the social media. This boosted me to produce hard copies of the Single (in audio and video forms) which are sold on the market.

I plan to organise two live concerts in Yaounde and Douala in his honour this year,” Devi’s Mambo, over 50 years old, said. Francis Bebey is another artist Devi’s Mambo immortalized in the Single. “I mimicked the songs of the two fallen stars during school parties and in cabarets. They were my role models,” he told “Nyanga” Magazine. In 25 years of music, “Le Paquebot” counts 7 albums and 1 Single. He is also a father of two.


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